About Mindfulness

Many of us would like to slow down and be less affected by the buffetings of daily life, we may try to be calmer and more relaxed but find that it is not easy.

Mindfulness is something that can help, it is very simple and yet very profound.mind full When we practice mindfulness, we pay attention to what is happening in the present moment, and try to ccept whatever is happening there, without judgement. It is a natural state of mind, focused and aware, deeply tuned into ourselves, our environment and those around us. As such, it involves being neither in the future nor in the past. It frees us from the constant struggle to either change the way things are that we don't like, or to try to hold on to those things that we do like. It can literally bring us to our senses and allow us to live more fully, day by day.

There are different ways to learn about and maintain mindfulness practice, information about these is available here.

More information is available in my booklet, Mindfulness, an Introduction. The Mental Health Foundation's website is also a good source of knowledge, www.bemindful.net

....and you can also contact me by email or on 0777 202 4653 with any questions

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