Counselling: what to expect

First contact

Contacting me to find out more can often be a daunting prospect. For some, it may occur a while after you first thought about seeking counselling. When you initially contact me we would arrange to meet for a first session. In this we would explore why you wish counselling and discuss how many times we are to meet, how often and what you would like to pay. It is an important chance for you to meet me and decide if you will feel comfortable working with me. By the end of the first session, if you wish to continue, between us we will have agreed a contract for our work together.
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Timing and Length of Sessions

It is difficult to predict how long counselling will last, some people need only a few sessions, others prefer a more long-term relationship. Neither is better, what is important is that you get what you need. Sessions are normally weekly for 50 minutes but this would be agreed between us at the first session and would be reviewed at least every other month.


My fees cover my time, membership of professional bodies, insurance, room hire, supervision and costs incurred in keeping up to date with current practice. I ask you to choose a figure along a scale of £40- £60 per one hour session, depending upon your means and circumstances. We can discuss this when we meet. Fees are payable at each session.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore further how counselling/psychotherapy can help you please contact me by phone, 0777 202 4653 or email.

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