Mindfulness: what to expect

What happens when you contact me depends on whether you are new to mindfulness or already have some experience.

Drop-in Group

These regular groups meet for mindfulness practice with others, for one hour. They are ideal if you already have a mindfulness practice - whether lapsed or not. We would have some correspondence by phone ,email or text, just to confirm that this is the right thing for you at this time. I would then let you know the dates of the next group and ask if you wished to sent email reminders.



Individual sessionsRiver room at Riverside Wellbeing

If you have are new to mindfulness practice it is better to have a few individual sessions first to learn about and experience it for yourself. Most people have between two or four individual sessions before moving onto the drop-in group and/or practicing on their own using an app, CD's or downloads. When you initially contact me we would have a brief conversation about why you wish to learn about mindfulness and the costs involved. We would then arrange to meet for a first session to discuss these things more including how often and how many times we are to meet as well as getting you started on your mindfulness practice. It is an important chance for us to meet and decide if mindfulness will be helpful for you.




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