Supervision: What to Expect

It is important that you find a supervisor that fits for you, with whom you feel comfortable and yet who will offer you challenge with support. When you initially contact me we would arrange to meet for a first session. This would be free and would last around 45 minutes.

We would explore how we would work together in a supervisory relationship. This could include you asking me how I work and me asking about your client river roombase and way of working. It is an important chance for you to meet me and decide if you will feel comfortable working with me and vice versa. We would also discuss the duration and frequency of sessions along with payment details. A general guide is £40 - £60 per hour dependant on your circumstances.

You may or may not know at the end of that time whether you wish to enter into supervision with me, it could be that you have other supervisors you wish to meet. This is fine by me, supervision is most helpful when you can make an informed choice and are working with some-one with whom you feel comfortable discussing your client work and what that might cause to surface in you.

By the end of the first session, if you wish to continue, we will have agreed between us a contract for our work together.

Please contact me by email or phone, 0777 202 4653 if you would like more information or to arrange a free exploratory session.

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